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Local Agent Uses MaxHousePrice To Sell House Fast

How A Local Real Estate Agent Partnered with MaxHousePrice to NET their Seller an Additional $21,445 at SALE

Chris contacted MaxHousePrice in March 2019 about her client’s townhouse in Manassas, VA, a well maintained, but a bit outdated townhouse built in 1995.  Due to the wear and tear of the home over the years, Chris and her client were worried about leaving money on the table by going with “low ball” options for their home such as selling to an investor, cash buyer, homebuyer or listing as-is.

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How Are We Ever Going to Sell This House Fast at Market Value?

As Chris contemplated the options available to her seller, they were worried about several key issues when deciding which path to take when selling the home.  First, would Chris be able to sell the house as-is and get her client top dollar?  She knew it needed some upgrading, but how would her seller finance the renovations?  And how would they manage the project?

Speed was important as Chris’ client was looking to make an offer on a new construction home and the builder would not accept offers based upon a home sale contingency.

Chris and Her Client Needed a Partner They Could Trust

Based upon a recommendation of a fellow agent in her office, Chris contacted MaxHousePrice to see if they could make the process a lot easier.

The process first started out with a thorough walkthrough of the home to examine the condition of the home and identify the repairs needed while checking for potential opportunities to make value engineered upgrades to the home. At the same time, focused on the comparable sales in Wellington/Clover Hill area of Manassas, tapping into our over 30 years of experience in the real estate and construction management.

Before MaxHousePrice Renovation

MaxHousePrice Built Chris and her Client a Customized, Full Proof, Home Selling and Renovation Plan

Based on Chris and her client’s situation, MaxHousePrice carefully crafted a “NET You More” Plan to meet their needs:

  • Kitchen: Cabinet refacing to white with new door hardware and new quartz countertops
  • Paint: Entire interior painted – walls, ceilings, trim and doors
  • Master Bath: Entire interior painted – walls, ceilings, trim and doors
  • Secondary Baths: Cabinet refacing to white, new faucet and light fixture, new vinyl flooring, and tub and tile reglazing
  • Flooring: New carpet
  • Miscellaneous: Deck repairs and staining

With MaxHousePrice’s “Net You More” plan, not a single cent came out of Chris or her client’s pocket.

Renovation Progress and Completion

Starting on March 27th, 2019, work started on the house to complete all necessary renovations needed to sell the house for top dollar.

To help attract home buyers, MaxHousePrice worked with Chris to collaborate on a result-driven marketing plan to draw the attention of prospective home buyers and Realtors while the work was in progress.

The Offer!

Fast forward to April 24, 2019. The renovations were complete, and the home was listed for sale in the local MLS.  Multiple showings were scheduled immediately upon the property going active in the MLS.

On April 28, 2019, a full price offer of $315,000 was ratified!  The home officially sold to its happy new owners on May 31, 2019!

After Renovations Completed

With the Help of MaxHousePrice, Chris and Her Client:

  • Netted an additional $21,445

  • Sales price increased by 17%

  • 2nd highest NET sales price in the neighborhood in the last year

  • Sold at 22% higher per sq/ft over other higher sale

  • Only 4 days on market! Compared to an average of 35 days on the market across 18 other sales in the area

Now It's Your Turn To Net More Money At Sale

Renovation works can be very complex and difficult, especially when looking to sell your house within a short period of time. From unreliable contractors to dealing with inexperienced real estate agents, the process can be extremely frustrating. There is more added stress when you want to sell your home for a higher value.  At MaxHousePrice, we believe this shouldn’t be the way.

We collectively have over 30 years of real estate experience, participating in over 3,500 home sales.  Our goal is to NET you more MONEY when you sell your home.  A core value of our business is to only work with sellers where we are confident, we will NET them more MONEY at sale.  We use our own money and get reimbursed at settlement, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

We provide a risk-free service that ensures you don’t risk losing your money on renovations that won’t yield profits. We are a fully transparent company and will show you all the renovation numbers, clearly stating what it will take to sell a home for top dollar. That’s our promise. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then we’d be a great fit!

Give us a call or fill out the form below to get your free offer today!

Stress-Free Renovations. Home Sold Fast. You NET MORE at Sale.

Before and After

Before kitchen renovation in manassasmaxhouseprice manassas kitchen renovation
bathroom counter renovationbathroom counter renovation in manassas
bathroom floor renovationbathroom floor renovation completed
replacement bathroom tubafter bath tub renovation
manassas bathroom renovationmaxhouseprice completes manassas bathroom renovation

Stress-Free Renovations. Home Sold Fast. You NET MORE at Sale.